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LuLaRoe Abby Kuftic

Hi! I believe that clothes should be comfortable and make people smile. We have to get dressed every day, and my goal is to help you feel like your fabulous outsides match your fabulous insides. LuLaRoe has boosted my confidence and sense of self immeasurably. And therefore, I am happy to be here to help you find that confidence, too! I write more about body positivity and my fashion philosophy at

Abby’s LuLaRoe Clothes Journey

My journey to LuLaRoe was pretty normal – I was introduced to the leggings back in 2015, and I bought a few pairs, hosted a party, and branched out into the Cassie skirt and Ana dress. I realized that I had never before found clothes that I liked AND that fit me well. This underlining story is all too common for lots of people. As we get older, our bodies change, life happens, and all of the sudden, we look up and our wardrobe just isn’t quite right anymore. LuLaRoe helped me to re-discover myself and to celebrate myself in my clothes. I love that I can still be comfortable, but also feel like a rock star every single day. How could I not share that with people?

That’s why, I encourage you to come visit my VIP Facebook page or my business page and see all of the choices of LuLaRoe clothes that I offer there. We are sure to have a great time together and also see some great fashion options for all shapes and sizes.  Everyone can be beautiful, confident, and enjoy dressing up in some lovely LuLaRoe.

I encourage you to visit my VIP Facebook page or my business page and come have fun. Fashion shouldn’t be stuffy – it should make you smile!


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