Amy Miller Pruitt

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pruitt6, lularoe multi consultant group saleHey y’all!
I’m Amy Pruitt, from a small town called Millers Creek in North Carolina where people are friendly and love to help one another.  I have a supportive husband who farms, does construction, and we have two beautiful children, Lacy and Brody.  

We live a small town life, but I’ve been able to connect and reach out to many women from a variety of backgrounds because of LuLaRoe!  I have another occupation that’s my passion as well.  Furthermore, I’ve been in public education as a teacher, and now as a teacher coach for several years.  I love to help people and interact with others. And, I’ve always loved fashion and clothing styles from when I was a teenager even through adulthood. Over the years, I have learned a lot about fashion styles, live video shopping, and social media that now help me to serve you better.


sell lularoe leggings todayTherefore, this is where my journey began with LuLaRoe, the amazing company that empowers women, connects with others, creates relationships, and helps women feel incredible.  That’s why, I believe that all of these qualities led me to LuLaRoe.  

I was introduced by a friend to LuLaRoe, I quickly became obsessed with how soft, comfortable, and flattering the clothes were!  I began wearing LuLaRoe post-baby, so that I could still feel fashionable, beautiful, and comfortable. While being a new mom, this gave me the confidence that I had lost along the way.


sell lularoe leggings, live video shoppingThen, my moment hit.  I was at a vendor fair, as a customer, and I happened to walk into a LuLaRoe pop-up.  So, I began helping strangers, people I’ve never talked to before!  I found pieces that would look beautiful on them, creating outfits, and assisting them with styles and sizing questions.  

Suddenly, that was the moment that I knew I had to take the leap of faith. I had to get involved with LuLaRoe and be my own boss!  I had a desire to help women feel empowered and confident, just as I had, once I first started wearing LuLaRoe!  We offer many different shopping experiences, including online shopping, live video shopping, in-home pop-ups, vendor events, and more!  I know you will fall in love with LuLaRoe just as I did!

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