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LuLaRoe Andrea

Hello everyone!
My name is LuLaRoe Andrea and I am from the Mitten of Michigan! Home for us is where the ✋? is! I have a wonderful hubby and a sweet baby girl. In fact, being pregnant is what originally made me aware of LuLaRoe. I wasn’t overly thrilled with any of the pregnancy clothes out there. And, I also wasn’t about to spend an arm and a leg on a shirt to wear for a short period of life.
My sister suggested that I try LuLaRoe and I bought a pair of leggings and it snowballed from there! I love that I can wear the same clothing items now after the baby as I did when I was pregnant! Also, I have struggled with adjusting to my new mom body. But, I always feel comfortable and confident when rocking some LuLa!

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I LOVE that LuLaRoe can be worn with ANY shape and size and that it has the ability to make any woman feel just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Please come and check us out in our VIP group! Why not try LuLaRoe.



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