Brandi Smith Fletcher

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fletcher2, LuLaRoe retailer

I’m LuLaRoe retailer Brandi Smith Fletcher and I am pleased to share a little about myself with everyone.
I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids, Madison and Mason, and wife to my loving husband, Matt. We live in the foothills of NC. Madison is 10 and she is my softball star. We play travel ball year round. She is also my big helper! Mason is 18 months old and he’s my wild child. He keeps us young!

I’m a hospice nurse by day and LuLaRoe retailer by night, both of which are very rewarding! I started selling LuLaRoe because I love interaction with people. I love to make people feel better about themselves. After I had Mason, none of my clothes fit (we’ve all been there, or are still there like me).

It was hard to find stylish, comfy, mom-friendly clothes until I stumbled upon LLR. I fell in love and then became a retailer, and now a Sponsor to an awesome team. I’ve met lots of new people and can’t wait to meet more! I want every beautiful lady to feel and look amazing in their clothes! Come visit me in my VIP group!

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