Christina Giallanzo-Muro

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Hello Fellow Lula Lovers!

VIP groupI’m  your LuLaRoe retailer. When I found LuLaRoe, I was wearing giant mens’ t-shirts and ill fitting jeans. I was in a constant abuse cycle of diet and self loathing/punishment. LuLaRoe firstly gave me my spark and confidence back. I don’t even remember what it’s like to be a prisoner to a department store size or have an awful shopping experience. No more crying in poorly lit dressing rooms for me!

After a year in the business, LuLaRoe has now revived my ability to dream. I am passionate about rescue animals. Could I have a life where I try on clothes all day and save puppies? Why yes. Yes I can. And I am well on my way to establishing that rescue one day.

Beyond those two reasons, more importantly I am addicted to the FEELS. Who knew sending someone a card and some leggings would have such an impact?? In a world full of ugly, LuLaRoe is a small haven of positivity. I get to pass on good energy in this world. I get to smile and help people unwind and laugh and feel good about themselves. How lucky is that??VIP group


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