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gafford, Chrystal Gafford, Facebook VIP group, Roe Done Right, LuLaRoe offersMy name is Chrystal Gafford and I am a Texas Native! I am a Registered Nurse by profession, but now I work from home. My husband is a handsome Police Officer/CrossFit Coach and we have FOUR daughters! We stay a little busy!

I started with LuLaRoe in May of 2015 and am so glad I did! Because, my intention was to get myself out of frumpy mom mode and give my daughters someone to be proud of while making a little bit of money. The crazy thing is that while I was making that transformation in myself, I was able to help restore confidence in others along the way as well. By blessing others, I am able to fulfill my own dreams. This is one of the greatest advantages of selling LuLaRoe, being able to improve yourself and improve others’ lives as well.  It is so rewarding!

My WHY is this: To have the Financial Freedom to be Present with my Family on a DAILY basis, to Love and Live Wildly on Demand while being Healthy and Full of Energy.

LuLaRoe offers me that wonderful opportunity. And, the best part is I only have to bless others to get there. How great is that!

If you would like to follow along in my journey, I would love to have you join my shop, The Gypsy Rack. Just use the links below to visit my shop, which is located in my Facebook VIP group at the link below. I would love to consult with you and help to make your fashion and style reflect the joy and vibrancy that is inside of each of you.  If you do not think that LuLaRoe is right for you, just try it on and then you will quickly realize what so many others have, that there is nothing quite and comfortable and stylish as LuLaRoe apparel.

gafford2, Chrystal Gafford, Facebook VIP group, Roe Done Right, LuLaRoe offers



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