Erica Danielle Parks Kearse

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Kearse, LuLaRoe journey
Erica and Fred Kearse

We are Erica and Fred Kearse and we are located in Crawfordville, Fl. We officially started our LuLaRoe journey in November of 2016 and thus far, it has been absolutely amazing. There are many different reasons why we chose to start LuLaRoe, but one particular reason comes to mind (for me, Erica) and some might think it’s childish or what-have-you, but…ever since I could remember, clothes and fashion have been my life.

My Why

When I was a little girl, I literally would change my outfit at-least 5 times a day, maybe even more, and as an adult I ask myself “WHY???”. I now have a little girl of my own, who is 5 years old, and that child is her mother’s daughter. She changes her outfit 3-5 times a day, and that still is after she has came home from school.

I look at her and see myself all over again. I have realized that it is not because that one outfit may have been ugly or bad, but because it’s a change into something else that is beautiful. Depending on who you ask, fashion is a statement of who you are and what you want to be. LuLaRoe is so incredibly important to me, not because it’s just clothes and fashion, but because it’s a STATEMENT of who we are as a person. I have been given the opportunity to pour into ladies to make them beautiful and confident in what they are wearing. So if anything, this would be my “Why” and what I would want to bring to all of the beautiful women out there.

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