Erin Campbell

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Erin Campbell - wonderful world of LuLaroe, Austin, TX, shop lularoe here

My wonderful world of LuLaRoe

I’m Erin Campbell from Austin, TX and I’ve been blessed to be a part of the wonderful world of LuLaRoe since November of 2015. As the story goes with most retailers, I was an addict who became a consultant. Because, I fell in love with the fashions and styles of LuLaRoe. I love how the flattering styles fit all women and positively accentuate them. It’s great how the cutting edge fashion of LuLaRoe makes everyone look great and fashion-forward. As a consultant, I love that I am able to connect women with beautiful clothes that give them CONFIDENCE and help them feel their best! I am always in a better mood when I love what I’m wearing, which is why you will ALWAYS find me wearing LuLaRoe! ?

When I’m not slingin’ leggings, I’m spending time with my family. Just enjoying my sweet husband and two kiddos (my girl child is 3 and my boy child just turned 1!) and working my day job as a high school vice-principal. It’s a busy and beautiful life! I am looking forward to connecting with YOU as we share our love for all things LuLaRoe! Join me in my shopping group. Albums are posted 24/7, so you can shop ’til you drop whenever your heart desires! I am very happy to answer all of your questions and to help you with anything having to do with LuLaRoe.  Please let me help you find the perfect piece that reflects your personality.  

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