Jennifer Gingell

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gingellLuLaroe Jennifer Gingell
Hi y’all! My husband, Harvey the doodle, and I live in northwest Houston! I teach cello lessons, help at my husband’s chiropractic office, and sew costumes for anime conventions. LuLaRoe came into my life early in 2016, and it wasn’t too long after that when I knew I wanted to be a retailer!

How I Started

So, I was too nervous to buy anything from my very first pop-up, but once I got my first Irma and leggings outfit it was a slippery slope into must-haves and unicorns. I love the way LuLaRoe makes me feel: comfortable and confident. I can express myself with all of the fun patterns and love that new patterns are always being created. I have so much fun being a retailer for LLR; if you’d like to join my VIP group for a more personal experience, the link is:

VIP Group –

Business Page –

Next Retailer

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