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LuLaRoe Barbara & Jonathan

LuLaRoe VIP Barbara Adkins

Hi LuLaLovelies! We are so glad that you are here!!  Let us introduce ourselves, we are Barbara and Jonathan Adkins, LuLaRoe retailers from north Florida. We are the proud parents of three sons, Matt, Josh, and Noah. However, we are known as Lolli & Pop to our amazing grandson Jaxson!

Together, we make a Dynamic LuLaDuo. In the beginning of our journey as LuLaRoe retailers, I was NOT on-board and did not want anything to do with these “skirts, shirts, dresses, and leggings.” Still, I would not let that deter me from following the hunch that I had to just get involved and team up with my wife, Barbara. And wow, I am so glad that I did!

Our Passion

Barbara’s passion and desire to carry this amazing line started in the simplest of ways. She truly wanted to offer women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds amazing, comfortable, and affordable pieces of clothing that are accurately fashion forward in both their style and design. Those reasons still stand today, but the desire is even greater.

Our LuLaRoe business today has evolved greatly and we have grown together during this journey and independently as business owners and retailers.  Our mindset and life perspective is to give more than you get and you will never want for anything.

We strive to serve each of our shoppers with exceptional customer service. It has been Barbara’s goal from the very beginning to offer a variety of styles and sizes by having a “larger than life” inventory offering.  We continue to do just that and carry more than 7,000 pieces. While we cannot order certain prints or colors, we have found that many have an appetite for fashion and style and love the variety and “limited” print runs.

Again, we are so glad you are here and look forward to connecting and creating an exciting and fun shopping experience!
Sincerely your LuLaBro,
Jonathan “J-Musk” Adkins

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