Kelly Burkhardt

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kelly burkhartHi there! My name is Kelly and I am the owner and fashion consultant at LuLaRoe with Kelly Burkhardt! With the assistance of LuLaBro, Mark, our mission is to help every women feel amazing and beautiful in their own body! I joined LuLaRoe in August 2016 after a short month of having a LuLa Addiction! What started as a part time “hobby” as now become a full time commitment. I absolutely love the clothes but most importantly I love the confidence that the pieces give women! LuLaRoe has created a sense of community and sisterhood that is incredible! I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a couple, we love travel, hike and shoot photography! LuLaRoe is able to provide us with flexibility that is hard to find elsewhere. If you would like to get to know us better (we;d love to get to know YOU), feel free to come visit us in our VIP page, . There is lots of love, fashion & fun to be had!

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IG: lularoe_kellyburkhardt


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