Kelly Waggoner

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waggoner1Hello LuLa Lovelys,
I’m Kelly Waggoner with LuLaRoe Kelly Waggoner. I’m from the great state of Oklahoma and began my LuLa journey on February 28, 2017.

I fell in love with LuLaRoe in July of 2015 when I attended a pop up that was hosted at my office and I purchased my first pair of leggings as well as a Cassie Skirt. I was really hesitant to wear my new LuLa and after about two months had passed; I decided to dress up for a meeting at work and decided to wear my Cassie skirt.
First and foremost, I must say that I was comfortable and secondly, within two hours I had several people tell me how nice I looked. Listen, I’m no skinny lady, so when compliments are handed out, I was overwhelmed with joy (maybe a little blushed), but there is nothing that will boost a girl’s confidence more than a sincere compliment.

So as the months went on, I tried on my leggings, saw a few more consultants, bought a few more pieces, and loved getting dressed every day!
I met my sponsors through a multi consultant site. I began just by following their live sales, their multi consultant sites, and I purchased more and more LuLa because of the great way that they treated their customers like me. It is almost as if they invited us in and truly gave quality customer service. I truly thought that I could pass this attention to quality along to others….so….

When in doubt, talk it out…so I did, and the Lord blessed me with the knowledge to join this journey and it’s led me here! I truly love LuLa and hope to have a team of my own who I can train and support just like my sponsors!

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