Krista Veiga

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kristaveigaHOWDY! My name is Krista Veiga. I am a true born Texan, complete with all the southern charms and hospitality — including living in Austin, where I met and married my rock star musician husband. We love raising our little girl in the heart of Texas and having the freedom of earning income with LuLaRoe. When I’m not working in my in-home boutique (located in South Austin), you’ll find us either running around town lake, finding the best parks to play at, or enjoying the latest in craft beers with friends. To follow our lives, check out the newest pieces/patterns/styling tricks, I would love to have you join my VIP group here:

VIP Group –

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IG – LuLaRoeKristaVeiga

Twitter – @Lularoekristav

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