Liz Kaufman

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Hi! I am Liz Kaufman and I live outside Philadelphia, PA. The first time I was introduced to LuLaRoe was the fall of 2015 & I was HOOKED! I fell in love with the fun patterns, the comfort & the versatility of the clothes. My good friend came to my house and did a popup party. I helped my friends make outfits and try on the clothes. My friend said I was a natural & I’d be a great person to sell LuLaRoe. At the time, I owned my own business with a business partner. I knew that I could not work that business and sell LuLaRoe and give them both my ALL. So I decided to just be a LuLaRoe addict and feed my habit.

Well, fast forward to March 2017. My business partnership had unexpectedly parted ways.
I knew I needed to find a job that allowed me the freedom to be there for my family, but I also wanted to find something that took the pressure off my husband to be the sole breadwinner. I decided to make the leap & join LuLaRoe, jumping in headfirst!

I am so glad that I did. I get to help people find fun, comfortable clothes that make them happy every day! I love to get to know my customers, and hear what hobbies or interests they have. Then, when a LLR pattern comes out that matches what they like or do, they are the first person I share it with. I also keep a VIP list of colors & styles my customers are looking for so I can adjust my inventory to better suit their needs.

I have often felt like I have many fashion personalities. I have a preppy side that wears pink & green, a punk side that wears Doc Martens, and a casual side that wears jeans & tees. The best part of LuLaRoe is it goes with ALL OF THESE! I don’t have to pick between one or the other, I only have to pick what LLR pattern goes with my mood that day. The clothes coordinate with so many things I already have in my wardrobe!

If you would like to see where I will be selling LuLaRoe at a local popup, please follow me at:

If you would like to do some shopping & be a part of my VIP group, please join me at:

I look forward to getting to know you better and making beautiful LuLaRoe outfits together!
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IG: LizardLyingInTheSun
twitter: @LizardLyingInTheSun

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