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Hello! My name is Brooke Carpenter. I was been born and raised in the amazing state of Ohio where the Buckeyes and family are prayed for at every meal. My wonderful family consists of my husband Bruce (my tall drink of water), our son Jackson, daughters Jenna and Julia. Our four legged kids- Yankee our Main Coon, Sophie & Molly our “shipshoes” round our our clan.

My adventure into LuLaRoe was innocent enough. A cute legging that was soft enough to make you swoon, an Irma that draped my body in a way that made me free comfortable, yet beautiful. The side glances at my fun new apparel, coupled with my new found love of this company and I was sold! I searched for my wonderful trainer and signed up to bring all my friends this new and exciting fashion brand.

I began my fashion retailer career late last summer. I could not have chosen a more wonderful company to share my passion of clothing with. Add in the consultants that have became my Lula sisters in every aspect of my life, and you see the women before you. My love of empowering women, showing our inner beauty and strength coupled with this brand has lead me to one of the happiest times in my life. When I see a mothers eyes light up when a Carly swings just the right way and they feel amazing, it bring tears to my eyes knowing I helped make her feel that way.

So, that’s me and the retailer you get when you buy with me. Stop over at my boutique at

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