LuLaRoe Iris

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LuLaRoe Iris H

My name is Iris and I was born and raised in beautiful Albania! I moved to the US when I was 17 years old, and I feel so incredibly blessed to call myself an American! I am a proud wife, mom, and business owner here in Gaithersburg, MD.

After battling with my postpartum body and postpartum depression, I one day came across a wild pair of leggings which of course I bought! And just like that I was hooked…and began my LuLaRoe addiction LOL. Within two weeks, I had decided that I wanted to do what made me happy, and of course what better than beautiful clothing that actually fit me. So yes…you can be plus size and wear clothing that fits just right! I joined LuLaRoe back in February 2016 and never looked back. Most mornings I wake up and still find it hard to believe this is truly my life.

I love running my business around my schedule while always putting my family 1st. At the same time I have grown as a person through my LuLaRoe journey, and met some pretty incredible people, and made amazing life long friends through LuLaRoe. So yes, I am a true LuLaRoe addict at heart and always will be.

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