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Hello! My name is Kristen Garland, your LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer for Ginger Sisters Boutique in Sylvester, GA! I, along with my LuLaBro husband Stanley, are business partners in this wonderful LuLa adventure. We live in beautiful Sylvester, Georgia, in the southernmost part of the state.  We enjoy finding fun and simple things to do in a region that does not offer many entertainment or recreational options.
We are three hours from everything…big city life, the mountains, the beach…you name it…we are three hours from there!

picture of the ginger sisters
The Ginger Sisters, Julia, Clara, and Georgia enjoy a day exploring the zoo.

We have four wonderful children: Dawson, 10 years old, and our three “Ginger Sisters,” Clara 5 years old, and twins, Georgia and Julia, who are 4 years old. Of course, they were the inspiration for naming our LuLaRoe boutique.

We have been with LuLaRoe since March 2017 and because we have three redheaded daughters, we decided to name our boutique. “LuLaRoe by Ginger Sisters,” was born. We are newbies to selling LuLaRoe, but we have a love for LuLaRoe like no other.
We come from the field of education and leadership and we are leveraging the skills that we have learned in our primary, secondary, and post-secondary education work experience to inform us in our business management.

We love the clothes and the way they make you feel wearing them. LuLaRoe gives ME more confidence than I ever had in any other clothes. I love introducing LuLaRoe to all my new customers and watching their faces as they put on these fabulous pieces of clothes for the first time. I also love to see my “old” customers try new styles and say, “why didn’t I try an Amelia,Carly, Cassie, Maxi, Azure, etc., before now?” We have been blessed by gaining new friends that we never would have met without LuLaRoe being in our lives.

 We are so happy to share LuLaRoe with you and hopefully we will be more than just your consultant, but also become a friend.  We believe that LuLaRoe is a mission work that helps women to feel good about themselves and to be as beautiful as they feel on the inside.

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