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Hey y’all! My name is Leslie Baron, a fashion retailer and trainer from Fort Wayne, Indiana – the Hoosier state! I have lived here for all of my life and am blessed to be married to an amazing man who gave me my beautiful son – a true miracle baby.


LuLaRoe came into my life during a time when I was lacking self confidence and looking for something for “me.” I wanted to help support my soon to be growing family while also empowering myself. Fast forward two years – I am now surrounded by a team of amazing women, I have made the most AMAZING friends with retailers all over the country, and many of my customers have turned into friends that I am certain to have for life. By far the biggest blessing brought to me by LuLaRoe has been watching a simple skirt, dress, or top transform the image women see in the  mirror and finding the confidence and self love we should all feel. Empowering other women is literally THE best job in the world!


I would absolutely love for you to join me, follow me, and share in the family atmosphere that is my personal shopping group! I pride myself on excellent customer service, fun, laughs, and supportive atmosphere!

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