LuLaRoe Maggie Jo

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LuLaRoe Maggie Jo

Hello Hello!!!! My name is LuLaRoe Maggie Jo; however, my friends all call me MoJo. I live in south eastern Ohio where I grew up on a beef farm. I’m a VERY proud momma to 3 incredible fur babies who are spoiled rotten. My oldest is Harley a silver Labrador, then Diesel my brindle boxer, and then little man whose name is Skeeter, a Brown miniature pincher rescue. Needless to say, they are very entertaining as they all have very different personalities.

I was always a tomboy and never was one to wear many dresses and skirts. A friend of mine sold me a pair of leggings that were super cute and that sparked my interest about the company.

I started looking into and trying more of the styles they have to offer. Everything was so comfortable. With these clothes, you can dress up or down very easily, in fact, I actually started to like wearing the skirts and dresses, they were so comfy! After doing some research and debating the idea, I finally decided to take the leap!

At the time, I was laid off from my job and needed something to keep me busy. I started selling LLR a little over a year ago and never imagined how much it would change my life!! After a month into it, I was surprising myself at how well I was doing in the business and how much I loved what I was doing. Being my own boss and knowing that I was sole reason for my accomplishments just pushed me harder and harder and I love the drive it has given me! Within the first 6 months, I had cruise-qualified and had ranked in the top 2% of the company!! So, LuLaRoe has taught me that I am a very resourceful and capable business woman. In fact, I love LLR so much that after returning to work full time, I could not give it up! So now, I work my day job full-time and sell Lula by night full-time as well!

I have met some AMAZING women through LLR, both customers and fellow consultants. I am super lucky to have met some of the best LuLa Sisters a person could ask for, I could not imagine my life now without them in it. Truly, these ladies are there when you need a smile, a virtual hug, or just someone to listen while you cry. We all work as a team to help each other whenever we need anything. So, they have become a second family .

That’s why, I enjoy giving women a chance to get their confidence back!! Nothing makes you feel better than when a customer tells you that they feel beautiful again! You see that smile light up their face when they try on a dress and then they tell you they have not felt that good in an outfit in years! We are day-makers and that is the BEST part about doing what you love, you are proud to get up and do this every day and change women’s lives all over the country.

The LuLaRoe mission statement says it all; where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth!

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