Ronni-Sean Sweeney

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sweeney logo Hello, My Name is Ronni Sweeney, I was born and raised in beautiful Sonoma County, California (approximately 1 hour north of San Francisco).  I spent my young adulthood finding myself in traveling and schooling until I re-connected with my husband in 2006. We have been married since 2011 and had a beautiful strong-willed little girl in 2013.

Although I graduated with two degrees I was stuck in the typical rut of trying to find happiness in jobs, working many office jobs that often left me overworked and underpaid.  It is important to my family that I stay home to raise our daughter, but we wanted the life that allows us to grocery shop without staying on the list, so I worked to provide an extra cushion.roni-sean-sweeney

Often those jobs left me unhappy and bitter and the cushion wasn’t worth it. In 2016, I was at my wits end of unhappiness and yet still wanting more for my family. That is when I was introduced to LuLaRoe. I joined as a consultant after purchasing a pair of grey and a pair of black leggings (I was hooked).

sweeneyAfter becoming a consultant I was able to drop down from full time to part time work in about 4 months and then quit completely after 6 months of being a consultant. The LuLaRoe life has left me happy, less stressful, a better, more attentive parent and wife and all around. LuLaroe has given me the strength and confidence to be able to complete our family as of September 2017 with the addition of our son. For more Family, Fun and fashion please check out my page at :

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IG: lularoeronnisweeney

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