Young Lady Overcomes Challenges and Sells at LuLaRoe Pop-up

LuLaRoe Pop up boutique

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LuLaRoe Pop up boutique

LAKE JACKSON — Baily Thacker surveyed her crowd with a smile Saturday. Women chatted and shopped among clothing racks. So, occasionally they would venture over to a dressing room tent or a table of fresh fruit and frosted cupcakes. She greeted new arrivals often with exclamations and hugs. It was exactly the kind of atmosphere Baily likes. LuLaRoe Pop-up.

“I like to have fun with my mom, and be nice to other people, and be happy,” she said.

The LuLaRoe pop-up boutique was part of the 16-year-old’s budding business plan. Baily was born with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder typically associated with growth delays and mild to moderate cognitive delays. Even though, she needs some assistance in day-to-day life, so typical jobs aren’t a good fit, but her mom, Becky Thacker, knew Baily had drive and ability just waiting to be tapped. That’s why she started selling LuLaRoe clothing at parties like this one.

LuLaRoe Pop-up

“She’s going to be graduating in three years, so I’m trying to make her successful and fuel her career,” Becky said. “I started this with her. She helps me with my live sales, she helps me by tracking inventory, setting up and taking down, and at my parties.”

Becky and Baily are from Celina, but grandmother Belinda Thacker brought the pair to her hometown. They had a four-hour LuLaRoe pop-up boutique at the Lake Jackson Civic Center. So, the crowd was small but constant, and they seemed to enjoy the soft cotton dresses and bold-printed leggings as much as the Thackers do.

“The clothes are soft and comfy,” Baily said. “They keep you warm.”

So, she’s only been selling LuLaRoe for about four months, but Becky said Baily already has taken to her role. She was confident and smiling at Saturday’s event, already displaying a talent for friendly salesmanship. Belinda said her winning ways are evident in just about every area of Baily’s life.

“She’s a freshman this year, and she was the freshman Homecoming Princess,” Belinda said. “The school elected her, everybody wanted her to win. Everybody knows her and everybody loves her.”

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