Tiffany Marie

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Hi everyone,
I am Tiffany Marie Kuhns, I am 31 years old and a stay at home mother, college student, Army spouse, and Army Veteran. I am originally from South Carolina, but currently reside in North Carolina. I started LuLaRoe for a few reasons, the most notable one is that I needed something for just me in my life.

I do so much for everyone else in my house that I needed something that let me just be me. I also did it because I want to give my husband the opportunity to become the stay at home dad when he retires in five years; and finally, I joined because I am in love with the way I feel in the clothes.

I have struggled with a lot of body image issues in my life, and one is a constant struggle. When I had my son, it got really bad and I had a hard time even looking at myself in the mirror. I started wearing LuLaRoe because it helps me take the focus off of what I see as issues with my body.

There are so many ways to wear so many pieces that nothing ever gets boring or over worn. I wanttiffany1 to share my love for the clothes with other women who may feel like me and struggle like I do because I want you to feel as amazing about yourself as everyone should. Please feel free to join my VIP to see styles and my crazy personality, as well as get more clothing that makes you fall in love with you all over again.

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